Samsung is reportedly moving up the early launch of the Galaxy S7, to January in order to compete with Apple in the high-end phone market.

The design for the Galaxy S7 has been finalized by the end of September and is currently securing the components it will need for production, as South Korea’s Electronic Times reports, citing “many people in [smartphone] parts industries.”

Samsung Galaxy S7 design concept by Tech Radar.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 will allegedly be made from a magnesium alloy, at least its frame will.

Samsung could be keeping the glass back that debuted with the S6 this year.

The new alloy will apparently make it sturdier while also giving it an even more premium feel, which is not something we expect anyone to complain about.

Moving on, the Galaxy S7 is said to also come with the Sabre 9018AQ2M audio chip by ESS Technology.

What does it means?

It means such component could turn the phone into a Hi-Fi powerhouse, with superior audio quality.

What will be the cost?

Expect expensive – it’s bound to be one of the more costly phones to buy next year.


Pushing forward the Galaxy S7 could give consumers the option of a new flagship smartphone earlier in the year.

It’s a strategic move on the part of the South Korean tech titan, who likely hopes the different launch window will give its smartphone a better chance of undercutting sales of the iPhone 6S, which launched last month.

The two companies make some of the world’s most popular phones and have traditionally faced little competition beyond each other at the top end of the smartphone market.


Source: GSM Arena,

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