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If you have the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, but you don’t have the money or reason (lol) to upgrade to the iPhone 6S or 6S Plus, fret no more.

Luckily, a few jailbreak apps has been released last week that you can download to make your iPhone 6 like an iPhone 6S.

I’m not able to show you how to turn your iPhone into the 6S exactly, but hey, thinking of tinkering the look of the iPhone, a trip to China won’t hurt.

However, there are limitations.

Acquiring the apps won’t make your screen pressure-sensitive, or upgrade your camera to 12mp.

No, you’ll need the work of a shaman for that.

These apps were made to give you the same features of that in the iPhone 6S, with alternate methods.


This only applies to jailbroken iOS 9.x.x iPhones.

For non-jailbreakers, I’m sorry. You iPhone 6S wannabes…

#1. Forcy – Quick Actions


Imagine your ex-girlfriend shouting “Forcy!” in a high-note voice.

It’s so annoying you have to have it in your iPhone.

This app, gives you the ‘Quick Action’ feature that Apple introduced in the iPhone 6S.

By how hard you press, it’ll trigger the app by showing you quick actions you can access without launching the app.

Forcy however, instead of you pressing your screen (hard), you swipe up to trigger the quick actions menu.

You can change the settings if you prefer long-pressing the app than swiping up.

More info about Forcy.

#2. UniversalForce – Enabling 3D Touch In All Apps


May the force be with you…

One of the key features that had to make me share this app to you guys is that it enables you to use Live Photo on your Photos app.

It also enables you to have a Live Photo as your lock screen wallpaper.

Discover more about this app by visiting Universal Force link.

#3. Hapticle – Better Haptic Response

If you’re hapticle about it, don’t have it.

Installing this app enables you to receive haptic response for every 3D touch features that you have installed in your phone.

Works with Forcy & RevealMenu.

More info about Hapticle.

#4. RevealMenu – Quick Actions Too

Having this in your iPhone reveals dark secrets…no not really.

RevealMenu gives you access on having Quick Actions menu for your apps.

Quite similar to Forcy.

Only difference is that RevealMenu was released before Forcy had the long-pressing method to revoke Quick Actions menu.

More info about RevealMenu.

#5. UntetheredHeySiri – Siri Is Always With You

UntetheredHeySiri by BigBoss

Siri has broken out of her chains!

This app brings on the Hey Siri feature that’s always-on from the iPhone 6S to non-iPhone 6S.

#6. Shortcuts – Customizable Quick Actions

Name’s so simple, I can’t even.

Shortcuts gives you access to tinker with the Quick Actions menu to your liking.

More info about Shortcuts.

#7. LivePhotos – Independent Live Photos App

LivePhotos by BigBoss

Get this on a 16gb iPhone and it’ll end up in a trench in the next few days.

LivePhotos gives access to non-iPhone 6S to have Live Photos features.

#8. Live Photos Enabler – It’s Free Than The One Above


Same same.

Live Photos Enabler by evilgoldfish.

Yup, it’s free.


These are the apps you can download onto your jailbroken iPhone.

Hopefully you posers can boast around your friends and make them believe.

No, that’s just evil but hey, up to you.

The apps get updated regularly by their respective developers so do keep your apps updated at all times to avoid any problems.

So guys, show me your iPhone 6S! >:)

Source: Redmond Pie, The Verge

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