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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…China whereby the Lenovo Empire has strike back to strong competitors like Xiaomi, Meizu, Asus with the latest offering.

Behold a phone that is rugged, strong, powerful and can be use in any day to day task.

The empire storm Trooper: The Lenovo A7000 Plus or known as K3 Note internationally.

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Overall Finding


Your day to day Lenovo just got better with overall powerful and versatile package all into one device.

Lenovo’s best budget performance phone so far.

Lenovo A7000 Plus Quick Spec

Lenovo A7000 Plus specification.

Great Features About Lenovo A7000 Plus

  1. Dual SIM with 4G connectivity. The connection strength for both LTE and WiFi is surprisingly strong, better that most and comparable with Huawei signal strength.
  2. A dedicated Micro SD slot for an expandable memory with 16GB internal memory. Hence you can run dual sim with Micro SD with no predicament unlike Huawei and Meizu phones.
  3. A 5MP front camera for selfie. A fairly decent 13.1MP Camera with Powerful Dual LED Flash that can make you go blind.
  4. A powerful 1.7Ghz Mediatek Octa/8 Core 64 bit enough to handle games and application. Also it does come with a whopping 2GB RAM. As powerful as a Note 4 and S5 with such a price (Antutu Benchmark).
  5. 3000Mah Battery that would last more than a day of average use.
  6. Android 5.02 Lolipop with Lenovo Vive UI flavor on top. Its prettier and smoother compared to the 4.4.2 version.
  7. 12 Months warranty from Lenovo Malaysia.
  8. Very decent build quality and a premium phone looks and feel for a phone at this price.


What I Want From This Phone?

  1. Better back camera at like the Meizu M2 Note, Huawei Honor 4x. Its decent enough but below par if your compare to the other offering.
  2. Gorilla Glass 3 or the latest 4 with reflective coating for better sunlight viewing.
  3. A better Full HD Panel like Sharp IGZO Panel that comes with the Meizu would be nice. Current one is decent but IGZO will give a premium screen look for the phone.
Lenovo A7000 Plus performance rating based on usage.

What ‘You’ Should and Shouldn’t Expect From This Device?

Large 5.5” HD display with rear and front cameras.

You Should

  1. The good phone for everything you need.
  2. Good at gaming, should able to handle what you throw at the phone.
  3. Swappable battery if you are lazy to lug around a powerbank.
  4. All right stuff you need in a 5.5 phablet.
  5. Simplicity look but quite a slim phone. Nice to hold.

You Shouldn’t

  1. Not so great camera. Camera picture quality is decent enough but below Meizu M2 Note and Asus Zenfone 2 Offering. Over expose white saturation which quite normal with most Lenovo.
  2. No screen protection. There is no Gorila Glass treatment here and also no anti glare glass treatment which is bad against direct sunlight. But this can be easily solved by getting Nillin H Tempered Glass solution (It have both plus anti smudge and shatter resistance).


Where To Buy?

  1. Lenovo A7000 Plus: Highest spec 1.7Ghz Octa Core, 2GB RAM, 16GB Internal, 13.MP Camera. Full HD Screen. 3000Mah Battery (This is what we reviewed). Offered by Original – Lenovo Malaysia. Lazada selling RM699 limited offer but DirectD and Seven Mobile are selling at RM649.
  1. Lenovo A7000: Lower Spec, 1.5Ghz Octa Core, 2GB RAM, 8GB Internal. 8MP Camera, HD Screen and 2900Mah Battery.Offered by Original – Lenovo Malaysia. RM569, better get the Plus version.
  1. Lenovo K3 Note which has either the High and Low spec as above but offered only by APset. Do not buy this as most of them selling RM30 cheaper from the High Spec A7000 Plus. We will share soon on why Ori and NOT APSet in our upcoming article. Average price is RM619 and even up to RM699.



Please be advised that both original A7000 and Plus does come with a decent back cover and screen protector within the Lenovo box so make sure you get a sealed box unit to avoid some seller removing it and selling it separately.


A phablet phone for the masses that able to deliver all the functions we need in a decent and solid package.

Not perfect but almost there.

A true Empire Storm Trooper that attempt to give the competitors something to worry about.

For the empire!



If taking picture is your thing, Meizu M2 Note is a better phone for you.

Other competitors would be Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 and Asus Zenfone 2.

Even when the phone its just releases there is a ton of cases, screen protectors online and available at the shop.

Hello Kitty, Minions, Kawai, Rugged case are available for this phone.

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