Xiaomi, Beijing-based company has made its name with affordable Android smartphones, now has place their future lies in creating a diverse ecosystem of consumer hardware.

Today Xiaomi announced that it will add a smartphone-controlled scooters and new smart TV to its lineup.

Xiaomi founder Lei Jun demonstrates the new smartphone-controlled scooter.

Ninebot Mini Scooter

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi and its scooter-making startup Ninebot unveiled a bargain Segway-like scooter Monday.

The Ninebot Mini can be controlled by the smartphone and costs only $316, a fraction of the price of a Segway.

Ninebot vs Segway.

The low price of the Ninebot Mini could give Segways one more shot at becoming the vehicle of the future.

While Segways were originally launched to great hype in 2001, they failed to go mainstream due to their high price tag.

Segway’s most affordable model, the i2 SE, starts at $6,499.

Ninebot’s Segway-like vehicle costs $2,342, significantly cheaper but still pricey.









Ninebot mini has two colors available. White and black.

Which one do you prefer?

The Ninebot Mini will be available only in China for now.

Xiaomi 60-inch 4K TV


Xiaomi has launched a new 4K TV – Xiaomi Mi TV 3 – in China. Now Let’s learn more features and specs of this new gadget and see how cool it is!

The television isn’t a big surprise, it’s a larger (60-inch) version of Xiaomi’s smart TV with a LG 4K display.




  • Original screen – LG screen
  • Resolution – 3840 * 2160 true 4K
  • 3D – not supported
  • Backlight – Mi / Radiant jointly developed Bottom side LED
  • Intelligent backlight – 8 partitions smart regulation
  • Dynamic backlight – support
  • High color saturation – > 85%
  • Motion compensation – 6M60 professional image processing chip + MEMC motion pictures provide compensation
  • Viewing angle – 178 °
  • Static contrast ratio – 1200: 1
  • Dynamic response – 8 ms
  • Refresh rate – 60Hz
  • Process – Double 45 ° diamond cutting technology Borders
  • Metal America back


Bare metal weight without stand 20.2Kg
Bare metal with base weight 21Kg


  • Xiaomi has just unveiled the third-gen Mi TV.
  • 60-inch display, and is extremely thin, it is only 11.6mm thick (at its thinnest point), while it’s 36.7mm thick at the thickest point.
  • This smart TV sports an aluminum frame, and a metal backplate.
  • The Mi TV 3 actually sports True LG’s 4K panel.
  • This display has a color gamut of NTSC 85% and MEMC motion compression, and it will offer super clear motion images according to Xiaomi.
  • Connectivity options include HDMI (x3), USB (x2), VGA, Ethernet, AV in and RF modulator
  • As far as sound goes, Mi TV 3 actually packs in four 2.5-inch mid-range subwoofers, and it will offer clean sound and really deep bass.
  • Xiaomi said that the 60-inch 4K Mi TV 3 smart TV is priced at 4,999 Yuan or $786 in China.

Source: The Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, MIUI

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