Apple iPad Pro Announced With Apple Pencil and a Smart Keyboard

Sep 10, 2015 Clickuz Media

After months of rumors and speculation, the iPad Pro is here.

Apple has unveiled its latest addition to the iPad tablet lineup during a special press event in San Francisco this morning.

Like the rumors suggested, the iPad Pro is a larger version of the traditional iPad.

The biggest news in iPad since the iPad.”
– Tim Cook, Apple CEO


The new iPad Pro uses a 12.9-inch display (2732 x 2048 resolution with 264 ppi), and makes use of the new split screen app features of iOS 9. The width of the iPad Pro is the same as the height of the iPad Air 2.

“It can do things that a smartphone doesn’t do because it doesn’t have to sit in your pocket,” says Apple’s Phil Schiller.

Apple is using the same technology from its iMac with Retina 5K display to bring the iPad Pro pixels to life.

“For the first time in an Apple display, it has a variable refresh rate,” explains Schiller. This means Apple can slow the display down and save battery.

To highlight its performance credentials, Apple says the iPad Pro will last 10 hours on battery with the ability to edit three streams of 4K video simultaneously.

Apple has even added a four-speaker audio system to the iPad Pro, and iOS 9 will balance the sound dependent on how you’re holding the device.


Crucially, Apple is introducing a Smart Keyboard for the iPad Pro. “This is unlike any keyboard you’ve ever used before,” says Schiller, conveniently forgetting Microsoft’s Surface keyboard.


It’s covered in a fabric that forms the structure for the keyboard. Three new circles along the side of the device act as a new Smart Connector to attach the keyboard to the iPad Pro, in a similar style to the Surface keyboard.

A new keyboard isn’t the only hardware addition to the iPad Pro.


Apple also has an Apple Pencil that works as a stylus for the tablet. When you’re using the Pencil, the iPad Pro increases the amount of scanning on the surface of the display to improve accuracy.

The Apple Pencil has sensitivity sensors so you can press lightly for brief strokes or harder for wider strokes.

Apple claims it feels like a true writing or drawing instrument.

Apple is planning to release the iPad Pro in November in silver, gold, and space grey finishes.



A 32GB model starts at $799, while a 128GB version is priced at $949.

If you want to opt for LTE then the only choice is the 128GB model that comes in at $1,079.

Apple isn’t bundling the Apple Pencil or Smart Keyboard with the iPad Pro, though.

You’ll need to pay $99 for the Pencil alone, and $169 for the keyboard.

Source: The Verge

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