Since Apple confirmed its move into the business space with the reveal of the Apple iPad Pro, it is obvious it needed a long-term partner to provide the necessary software to take advantage of the enhanced productivity it now offers.

This is where Microsoft enters the equation as it has, for the first time, appeared on stage at a major Apple event to share about its Microsoft Office productivity suite being made available for the new Apple iPad.


While this is not as jaw-dropping as seeing a Microsoft executive appearing on the world stage of the, generally speaking, enemy camp, it is obvious that Redmond is cool to continue its long-time cultivated software partnership with Cupertino.

Hence the need for Microsoft to make an appearance at the Apple September 2015 event and announce that the current and upcoming Microsoft iterations will support the Apple iPad Pro.

apple-microsoft3Those seeking to engage the popular productivity suite on the next-gen Apple iPAd will be able to enjoy the optimised-for-touch controls that Microsoft has recently added to Office and even use the Apple Pencil natively to allow for easy writing and edits of documents on the made-for-business Apple tablet.

Because the Apple iPad Pro now has extended screen real estate, users can even open two Microsoft Office apps and put them side-by-side in a split screen configuration that the new iOS9 allows.


This, basically, gives the app and device enhanced a productivity user experience and multi-tasking capabilities that were, once, foreign to Apple iOS devices.

Aside from Microsoft, Adobe is set to announce its own support for the Apple iPad Pro in the coming days. More on that once word gets out.


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