Before there was news pointed out that the next iPhone 7 is likely to remove the most unique of the Home button, and if it comes into reality, we aspect the fingerprint reader will be built directly on the screen!

There are some photos of 3D rendering being published on the net showing the iPhone 7 with no Home button.


From the picture you can clearly see, the traditional Home button now is being removed and notice the ultra-thin frame at this iPhone 7 concept design.

The screen looks full and makes the front face looks really awesome.

In addition, it has two bright spots, one is back offers multiple cameras, are not raised, the other is all-metal one-piece design, the back of a certain arc.

At the back of the phone we could see that there are multiple cameras to give more function for photo and video shooting.

The back cover also built with all metal one-piece design and curve edges.

There will be more concept design of iPhone 7 to come before Apple really launch the real model.

Sometimes it quite fun to see what other people’s imagination for the most desirable smartphone on the planet.

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