Most Sony Xperia smartphones offer water resistance that can allow the phone to stay under water for a certain period of time.

However, XperiaBlog has pointed out earlier that Sony has taken additional measures to discourage Sony device users from exploiting this waterproof capabilities of their device.

This has now been updated on Sony’s official website to prevent their customers from making a costly mistake.

sony experia under water2

Remember not to use the device underwater.” – Sony

In order to pass for an IP68 rating, a device must be able to withstand liquid under pressure and it has to remain leak-proof down to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes.

Although Sony devices managed to achieve this, but Sony claims this achievement is done in laboratory conditions in standby mode, so it is not recommended for users to use the device under water such as taking photos etc.

It should be noted that this warning was directed to Xperia Z3 Plus, but the latest Xperia Z5 series will have to comply with it as well.

sony experia under water3

Source: MDroid

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