This is a question many people ask who want to start a new business and they know well about the importance of website, always wondering.

The answer is simple.

In fact, the answer is already in question.

The business must come first, then think about the website.

Business Myth

The most common mistake we see is when we only see what other businesses are doing RIGHT NOW and we think that’s what they did before.

Now we are seeing many mini sites that sell various types of products online.


So we thought they are building the website first, then comes the sales.

We also see a lot of blogs that give a big profits to the bloggers.

And we thought they were trying to build a blog first, then comes the sales.

We overlooked the blog owner has already at least 10 clients before.

Maybe they got 10 previous clients by selling the product at the office and surrounding area.

They were sitting with their clients, trying to understand the client’s needs and requirements, and then try again to understand the ‘language of selling’, and then try again to find a solution to them.

Many foundation works has been done to set up to their business, before he opened the sales website.

Only when the business foundation is strong, then they can expand sales by using blog or website as a sales channel.

Make Money Blogging

Maybe the blogger has been 6 years in his industry, for example personal financing.

He has been helping his friends or relatives about their personal financing.

He’s already gain a lot of information and manage to get step-by-step framework to help others in getting benefit from his framework.

He already knows the ‘sales language’, needs and requirements of his potential clients.

In fact, he has at least 10 existing clients and guide them successfully to solve their financial problems.

Many foundation works he needs to prepare before he opened his blog .

His blog is just one of the sales channel that he worked on.

We must understand that websites and blogs are just a channel to grow our business.

We cannot grow our business if we did not have such business yet.

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