A new concept product which consist of music player, head mounted Hi-Fi Headset and smart voice, with 32GB ROM, independent networking, and the depth customized ME 1 artificial intelligence system — called the smart head machine was launched by VINCI.


VINCI Smart Head Machine Features

  • MediaTek MTK6572 processor
  • 3.2 inch touch screen with touch panel
  • Touch screen display the desktop or music waveform
  • Touch panel sliding to change the songs
  • Slide up and down to adjust the volume
  • Double-click to wake up the voice
  • Built-in 2100 Ma battery (can standby for 7 days)

VINCI smart head machine running ME1.0 artificial intelligence system which based on Android 4.4 (KitKat), release your hands thoroughly.

ME1.0 can execute the intelligent semantic analysis and analyze the psychological needs of users.

Which means this device be able to recommend songs according to the user’s mood.

Cool stuff huh?


Design wise, the ear of VINCI smart head machine is rectangle, there is a kind of masculine beauty.

This device is available in a wide variant colors — there are black, white, yellow, red, green and other six kinds of fashion colors.


In the point of sound quality, VINCI smart head machine first equipped with super Hi-Fi audio channel equipment, uses Swedish Dirac HD Sound and through the filter digital processing technology, optimizate the frequency and transient response of the sound system.


VINCI smart head machine will be on sale in October 12th, limited to 3000 units, and the price of 1599 yuan (about RM1,079).

Source: Gizsmart

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