Little “Physical” Sence of Human Touch In The Digital Age

Dec 09, 2019 Clickuz Media

It is not a secret that we spend too much time on our digital devices, be it mobile phone or laptop.

Especially the smartphones, which have become the modern day safety-blanket.

Study showed that averagely users check their phone every 12 minutes, some even check their phone once every 4 minutes More than the frequency of us checking on ourself!



Hence, people are complaining about losing human touch in the era of digitalization.




You get the human touch whenever you try to check on your phone.



According to the project owners, human skin is the best interface for interaction. And hence they propose for the interactive devices to have their artificial skin with enabling new form of input gesture.



Watch the full video here:

Interesting isn’t it?

Would you try it?

More information about the project is available here.



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