Will Nokia make a come back this time?

Dec 02, 2019 Clickuz Media

Questions about Nokia’s comes back have been circulated in the smartphone market since the beginning of the year.

About a week ago, the official Nokia Mobile account has announced that the launch date of their new product on Twitter.


With the lady in the scene climbing up a mountain, followed by a sunrise view above the skyline, the video is indeed very inspiring!

Does it signify Nokia is going to make a come back this time like finally?

However, none of the scene in the video captures the device.
Is it a suspend created intentionally by Nokia or there is no story to tell about the device? We shall see.


There are two major guesses across the sites:

1. Nokia 8.2

We could possibly expecting Nokia 8.2, successor of  Nokia 8.1 (Nokia X7) which was launched in December last year.

Nokia 8.1 comes with dual rear camera with 12MP and 13MP. New variant supports 6 GB RAM with 128 GB internal storage.

The successor, Nokia 8.2 is expected to improve to 8 GB RAM and 256 GB built-in storage. This time round, it may come out with 16 MP camera.

There are report sharing that Nokia 8.2 will only launch with 5G support, with no variant of 4G support.

More leaked information about Nokia 8.2 shared by Nokia Power User.


2. Nokia 2.3

While many sites suspecting Nokia’s new member addition to be Nokia 8.2, there are also some predicts it to be Nokia 2.3, with some improved specs and feature over Nokia 2.2.

Marketed as mid-range smartphone, the specs for Nokia 2.3 may remain similar, 6 GB RAM, up to 32 GB / 64 GB built in storage and 13 MP camera. The improvement is expected to be on longer lasting battery capacity.

More leaked information about Nokia 2.3 shared by Nokia Power User.


Which one would you place your bet on?

Let’s look forward to receiving the update on Nokia’s new member this week!





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