There will be no Samsung Galaxy S11 but S20?

Jan 03, 2020 Clickuz Media

In the beginning of a whole new year, let’s have something to look forward this year – Samsung Galaxy S11. However, rumor also has it that there will not be S11,  but S20! In line with year 2020?

Now what do we know so far about the coming new flagship phone of Samsung?


  1. Picasso as codename


Another phone that Samsung named after famous painter. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 was codenamed as ‘Da Vinci’, who is also a famous painter. Does it signify that the coming Galaxy S11 / S20 is a work of art by Samsung? Seems like Samsung is targeting to associating the flagship phones with artwork and innovation by naming after the greatest artists of all time.


2. Design & Display


The new S11 / S20 is expected to continue having AMOLED display.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has one of the perfect screen-to-body ratio and it is trying to push for a full screen display by minimizing the punch hole for the front camera.


The new model is likely to retain the design and some sites have predicted that the punch hole may be even smaller compared to the Note 10’s.

There may be variation in screen size of 6.4-inch 6.7-inch and 6.9 inch by device range.

Not surprisingly after Galaxy Note 10,  the headphone jack is gone from thereon.


3. Camera


With high competition among the smart phone in the camera game, Samsung may make a big change to improve their camera this time round.


The camera is codenamed as ‘Hubble’, which is the first optical telescope that ever gone to space. With this codename, Samsung Galaxy S11 / S10 is expected to have significant upgrade on the camera – at least 5x optical zoom, 108MP primary camera, 48MP wide-angle lens.



4. Performance


Samsung has previously unveiled Snapdragon 865 which has 20% faster graphics rendering than the previous one.

The new Galaxy S11 / S20 will level up the performance by using the new Snapdragon 865 processors.



5. Battery Capacity

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Higher performance and 5G connectivity will certainly consume more battery, thus Samsung Galaxy S11 / S20 should have an upgrade on the battery capacity up to 5,000mAh. Of course, no doubt with super fast charging feature (up to 45W fast charging).



Release date and price


According to Pocket-lint, Samsung typically announces its Galaxy S range before Mobile World Congress which usually scheduled at the end of February. Hence Galaxy S11 / S20 is targeted to be launched on 18 February, while released in early March.


And the price is of course no way be any lower than the predecessor, S10 (priced at £799).





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