With Zerolution program launched by Maxis, you now can own the latest smartphone in the market without paying a single cent.

Maxis promises absolutely no upfront payment, no credit card and no interest fee over your monthly payment.

In short, it’s FREE on the first signup and you’ll get yourself a latest smartphone!”

This plan works with only three simple steps:

  1. Choose your preferred Maxis postpaid plan
  2. Choose the phone you want
  3. And starts your subscription
Latest smartphones offered by Maxis Zerolution.

If you want to own the latest phones every year, there’s an early upgrade option at RM30 per month. So after 12 months, you can switch your current device with the latest smartphone without any penalty or upgrade cost.

Just pick a new phone and continue paying the monthly commitment.

In order to upgrade, the device must be in good working order which means no cracked screen or serious dents on the device. If the device is not in good order, a RM300 fee will apply.

For better peace of mind, they are offering a device protection at RM15 per month that’s comes with 48 hours replacement.

Currently the Zerolution program offers 8 devices – Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S6 Edge+, Galaxy S6, Galaxy A8, Galaxy A7, Lenovo VIBE Shot and HTC One M9+.

Considering the easy ownership and zero penalty charges involved, the Zerolution is a hassle free way of owning a device.

If you calculate the monthly payment over 24 months it is cheaper than buying the phone outright at full retail price.

That’s of course without the optional early upgrade (RM30/month) and device protection (RM15/month) add-on.

RM30 per month for Zerolution Upgrade Program and RM15 per month for device protection are optional. You can choose not to subscribe those benefits if you think it is not necessary.

Here’s an example of buying the Galaxy Note 5 on Zerolution versus a normal 24 months contract.





Visit Maxis Zerolution official website for more info.

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