Apple Introduce The Next Generation of Multi Touch on iPhone 6S

Sep 10, 2015 Clickuz Media

Apple has just announced its new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, and like every iPhone “S” model, it is an update over its previous model without having an all new design.

So what’s the change Apple made up for iPhone 6s series? Not much changes except for the introduction of the next generation of multi touch which Apple called as 3D Touch.

How does 3D Touch works?



It responds to the pressure of your finger.

This gives the multi-touch display another form of interaction as it is able to differentiate soft to hard presses.

With a gentle touch, you can now preview links while hard presses bring up additional shortcuts and menus on iOS 9.


From the home screen, you can jump straight into selfie or slow-mo videos by hard pressing on the camera icon.

Alternatively you can jump straight to Inbox or New Message when you do the same on the Mail icon.

In short, this is like having a right click function on a computer.

Developers can also take advantage of 3D Touch as well with games making use of the finger pressure for additional controls.

iphone6s-live photo

Another neat feature is Live Photos where it starts shooting before the point of shooting a picture until after a few seconds after that.

This gives you a short clip which actually consists of multiple shots and it is done automatically on every single photo that you take, which is kind of similar to HTC’s Zoe.

To preview the Live Photo, just simply press harder onto a picture in the gallery for a quick playback.

iphone6s-rose gold
iPhone 6s rose gold edition.

Also Apple introduce a new color for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus which is the Rose Gold.

iphone6s-3d-country preorder

Pre-order starts this Saturday on 12th September with official sales to begin on 25th September in first wave countries.

As usual Malaysia won’t be among the early batch of countries but if you want, you can try your luck in Singapore, Australia, China and Hong Kong.

When it gets here, we can only assume there will be another round of price hike due to our weakening Malaysian Ringgit against the dollar which currently stands at US$1 = RM4.34.

To buy or not to buy? That is the question.”

Source: Soya Cincau & Apple Youtube Channel

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