Maxis | Hotlink SUPER 2.0 FREE 68GB Internet Data.

Maxis Hotlink recently introduced the new prepaid pack called Hotlink SUPER 2.0!  The prepaid plan that lets you do more with the most internet on the No.1 network.

How can we get FREE 68GB of data internet? First, you must be Hotlink prepaid users, and mobile phone number is still active and valid, then you are entitle go for Hotlink SUPER 2.0 plan.

The prepaid pack offers 1GB of high-speed internet each day for free, making a total 30GB of free internet each month. Every day during the morning you can get 1GB of free data, total 30GB of Internet data! (but the data can only be used between 1am to 9am)

In addition, each Saturday and Sunday will receive an additional 1GB of Internet data, that is, a month’s weekend can get a total of 8GB Internet data.

hot3The new Hotlink SUPER 2.0 prepaid is also eligible for Hotlink’s on-going Happy Hour 1GB promotion. Just purchase a selected monthly or weekly internet pass, and get free 1GB of if high speed internet each day. The promotion valid for an hour.


*Redeem your Happy Hour pass from (or dial *868#) from 7am – 7pm daily.

Find out more about its new Hotlink SUPER 2.0 prepaid plan here.






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Source: Hotlink


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