Since the first wave release on last 25th September, Apple fans around the world had queued up in front of Apple stores to make sure they were among the first who owned it.

In London, Sheikh Sam was the first one who buy the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus both in rose gold color.

He had been waited in the queue and camp out at Central London for four nights just to get his hands on the phone.


Here’s what he said:

It is because I’m an Apple fan, I believe that I want to do the craziest thing for Apple. This is my proof to Apple to show that I’m the biggest fan and I queued for four nights and finally I got what I’ve wanted.” – Sheikh Sam

So you think this guy crazy? There are crazier fan than Sam.

In Australia, a guy name Lindsay Handmer had waited in front of Apple store in Sydney for two weeks to wait for the new iPhone to come out.

Photo: Twitter @mysparetech

The reason behind this insanity is, unlike other ordinary Apple fan boy, he wanted to take the opportunity — both the camp-out itself, and the opportunity of being first in line for the new $1079 iPhone 6s and $1299 6s Plus — to raise money for Mission Australia, a charity that supports homeless people around the country.

Meanwhile in Singapore, people queued for the iPhone 6S despite ‘hazardous’ air pollution as reported breaching levels of over 300.


Even though they had waited in a long queue, they can only buy 1 unit of iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus to control the stock of the first batch.


However in Malaysia, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s will be available in the market on 16th October as announced by Apple.


Major telcos in Malaysia like Maxis, DigiUMobile and Celcom have started receiving pre-order for the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus online.

We expect there won’t be such a big hype for this 6s series in Malaysia compare to the previous launch of iPhone 6 series.

Some of the iPhone 6 users might want to consider whether they want to spend on such amount of money for the 3D touch and 4k video shooting feature.

Due to the slow economic behavior in Malaysia, the iPhone retailers need to run some promotion to get interest from the buyers.

The existing iPhone users might want to upgrade to the new iPhone if there is any trade-in promotion from the retailers.

But if the price is reasonable based on the current market situation, we don’t think it’s a problem to the first batch of S series to be sold out in a short time.

And the big question is as always — “To buy, or not to buy?”.


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