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My precious… my precious… Gollum gollum (cough sound).

The highly anticipated phone has the identical design with the previous model.

Let’s see how it fares despite its hefty price tag of RM3k plus. Gollum gollum…

The Reason

The reason why we call the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus: The lord of the phone, return of the kings?

Let’s face it, no other phone was idolized and successful as the iPhone.

It has always been an object of the heart desire and most people would do almost anything to get it

Sound familiar? Yeah, it’s similar like the Ring of power in Lord of the Ring.

Also each user has their own special liking of the phone features (which is also similar to Ring of Power unique ability of its holder) as no one could actually figure what’s so special about the phone but it actually is very special!

The Phone

Photo: Syuhada Photography

When I got the phone, the impression is let’s see how the phone fares out and the expectation suddenly went up to sky high (it’s the most expensive phone in the market so far – what do you expect?).

Came with 2 boxes of iPhone 6s in Rose Gold (Pink Metallic to be exact) and 6s Plus in Gold color.

Box is the typical iPhone white and boring boxes but when I open it, I was already drawn to its beauty.

How do I explain the feeling, imagine when you first saw your first love. Your heart melts, and with that nothing else does matter and you say “I want it, I want it, I want it”. LOL

After powering it up, the screen is as gorgeous as your AMOLED screen, colors are good and vibrant.

The screen is bright enough and when I started to test the phone.

The mini nightmare begins.

I was unable to install any Apps on the phone after setting up my apple ID on both phones.

Updated to 9.02 and still nothing.

Google around and all of the advice didn’t work.

So I had to factory reset the phone.

Apparently I have to connect to iTunes, download the whole firmware files and only reset it. Adoi…

After downloading a 2.2GB file, I manage to factory reset and once I follow thru all the wizard setup.

It was finally fine.

Moving on, I had to do the same thing on the 6s plus as well and another 2.2GB need to be downloaded.

Once this is done, everything went smooth.

It was fast, quick and simple.

I downloaded games, benchmark and start taking picture but I could not understand why everybody is so focused in looking at the phone (instead of handsome me :P).

Yes, it was like a magnet especially the Rose Gold version.

Those who use iPhone normally don’t give a rat ass about the specs.

For them the design, simplicity, camera, apps variety and the Apple brand what matter the most.

But something good finally came from Apple.

They started looking into the specs…finally.

The 6s series specs are awesome.

The latest and fastest dual core A9 processors in the market and the fastest graphic process there is.

RAM is sufficient but internal memory is to the choice and pocket of the buyers.

Overall Findings


One of the fastest phone out there and it’s an iPhone. Surprise right?

It’s fast enough to do anything that you can do with your iPhone and I presumed it won’t lag within the upcoming 2 years with the latest iOS update.

Who uses and old iPhone anyway? Tak rock la.

The Specs


Great Features About This Phone

  1. Premium branding and beautifully crafted phone. No one else able to surpass this yet.
  2. Multiple internal memory choices but it does come with a price. 16GB, 64GB or 128GB? cha-ching
  3. Best camera for iOS phone so far. Previous was the 8MP camera and finally we got a 12 with IOS.
  4. Fastest iPhone so far with best in class processing and graphic.
  5. The famous iOS flavor that offers a wide variety of quality games and app and some of it runs far better on iOS platform.
  6. Fingerprint scanner is super-fast and smooth, easy to use and also easy to configure. One of the best fingerprint scanner I used so far.
Photo: Syuhada Photography

What I Want From This Phone

  1. Bigger battery or make it last longer. My average use for the iPhone 6s Plus was until 6PM and 6s was 1 hour plus before that.
  2. Dual SIM, with the latest Android flagship shipping in Dual SIM options. I don’t see why iPhone can’t include this in.
  3. 6s is quite warm compared to 6S Plus which runs cool most of the time. So I do expect 6s is not warm as what I experience.
  4. Memory card. The wet dream of all iPhone users alike. With a mere 16GB build in memory with 0 expansions and the memory choices are very pricey.

Usage Performance Rating


Sample Photo

Below are some that I taken using iPhone 6s Plus with no editing.

Indoor shooting during daytime.
Indoor macro shooting during daytime.
Focus lense at night.
Indoor macro shooting at night.
Outdoor night scenery.
Another night scenery with some lighting.

What You Should and Shouldn’t Expect From This Phone

You Should Expect

  1. The fastest iPhone around and it’s wickedly fast as the highest spec of Android phone with Antutu Benchmark of 65K. Throw in the optimization of iOS this is the ‘god phone’.
  2. Excel at gaming, and any application you push to it. Come bebeh come…
  3. One of the ultimate phone (6s) and phablet (for 6S Plus) around.
  4. Best design, feel and premium all round package phone. A real looker (of course with its almost RM4K price).

You Shouldn’t Expect

  1. Camera is good but low lighting and night shot is average quality at times, at this angle is unable to compete with Sony Z5, Samsung Note 5/S6 Edge or with the Plus and Honor 6 Plus.
  2. Not an Android phone, so no PDF, File, Song and Video direct download. No Back button, no memory card, no Infra-red and no removable battery.
  3. Not able use to single hand operation on the 6s Plus and even 6s unless you have a King Kong hands. An average user finger is unable to reach the left end corner of the phone.
Photo: Syuhada Photography


A godly device, the king of phone.

The most desirable object (gadget) on earth at the moment and it does come with a hefty price.

So is the price worth it?

For me if you have the money and this is what your heart desire; just go for it!

iPhone offers the package that is able to elevate your ‘feel good factor’, ‘pride’, and ‘market value’.

For Who?

iPhone is for people who wants a premium feel and awesome aura around.

For those who are truly Apple fans and iOS users who demand the fastest, greatest and the latest.

Think no further; show Apple store your money!

Apple is the one of the few company that able to produce a product that touches people’s heart (rather than our logical mind unlike other brands with their specs, special functions and etc).

With this come a premium tag, for those who can afford it.

The answer is not why, but why not?

Other competitors would be Samsung Note 5, Samsung S6 Edge/Edge Plus, Huawei Mate S, Xiaomi Note/Pro (also note all of these are running on Android OS).

Photo: Syuhada Photography


Even when the phone is just releases there is a ton of cases, screen protectors online and available at most of the shops.

The choices are endless.

That’s one of the best things about iPhone.

Accessories and cases are just too many to choose from.

Also note it is fully compatible with the previous gen iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

My personal recommendation, get the Nillkin H+ Tempered Glass (which is good enough and value for money) and Nillkin Nature TPU Case to show off the beauty of the phone.

Bumper and casing normally would give added protection at the cost of hiding the real beauty of the phone.


If you have any question, please write down at the comment section below.

Also stay tuned for our upcoming Asus Laser and Alcatel Flash 2 phone review next week!

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