Gearing up for your long awaited holiday and can’t imagine going away without connection with your loved ones?

Or you’re on a business trip to attend a planned event in other countries for several days?

Constant updates to your personal media social account like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Whatsapp even on a vacation has become such a necessity nowadays.

If you want to safe money on data roaming, Maxis has you covered in over 200 destinations worldwide.

#1 Read Welcome SMS


Read your Welcome SMS when you arrive in your destination. It contains important info for roaming with peace of mind.

#2 Safe Arrival SMS

Most of us don’t know that you can use Maxis Safe Arrival SMS to let your loved ones know you have arrived safely at your destination. The first SMS sent is complimentary from Maxis.

#3 Use WiFi

Photo: My Wifi Router

Use WiFi where available of if you are constantly on the move, buy a data roaming pass from Maxis. Maxis data roaming passes are currently available in over 60 countries and more will be added over time.

#4 Set Alert on Data Roaming Threshold

Set your data roaming threshold alert according to your comfort level. By default, Maxis will send you daily SMS alert when your data roaming usage reaches RM50, RM200 and RM500 respectively. Do check your SMS from time to time. Data roaming threshold alert will not be sent to customers who have already purchased a data plan.


Maxis data roaming in United Kingdom. For others countries visit Maxis Roaming page.

#5 Easy Call Back

Use Easy Call Back to enjoy better savings when you call home.


#6 Customer Care

If you need any assistant abroad, just call Maxis Customer Care for free of charge. Simply dial *123#

#7 Easy Menu Access

Access Maxis Easy Menu by dialing *100# to access featured products and services that relevant to your needs when abroad. This service is complimentary.



#8 Travel Insurance

Purchase travel insurance to safeguard against unfortunate incidences.


With the tips above, you can stay seamlessly connected with data roaming overseas while saving money and avoiding bill shock from roaming charges.

Now, you can focus on having a productive trip with a peace of mind!

Source: Maxis official website

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