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Why do people love Apple iPhone so much?

Aug 03, 2020 Clickuz Media

Have you wonder why your friends (if not you) love Apple products so much despite of higher price? Or for the apple users, have you wonder why apple products are so amazing? Let’s find out!

  • High user-friendliness: Ease to use and navigate, even for a new user. Smart yet not complicated, straightforward functionalities and simple design with just one home button.
  • Organized and standardized mobile theme design, with the sense of minimalist, across the wallpaper, icon and app interfaces. Absolutely stunning UI that can’t get off from users’ hands.
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  • Great support of functionalities and extremely feature-rich. Up to 2 mil. apps available on App Store for download and installation. On top of that, Apple only allows applications with reliable sources published onto App Store. All applications must be well-examined by App Store, ensure they are compliance with Apple’s rules and policies. With these, Apple offers a greater sense of safety for the user, to enjoy smartphone experiences without worries.
  • iOS also provides high safeguard and security for the device and data, giving users the right to manage control over sharing their data with external parties. This helps to avoid any intentional data leakage or device hacking. Hence iOS is the most highly rated OS in security and reliability.
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  • Great ecosystem strategy. Given the substantial design and functions, most Apple users don’t mind paying extra dollars for additional features and apps installation. With centralized OS environment, once users get hands on with Apple products, they are unlikely to switch away to other OS, which makes the users becoming loyal customers.
  • iOS also achieve the record of having longer lifespan. Typically, an iPhone can last more than 3 years and still able to enjoy iOS update / upgrade.
  • Consistent user journey with iOS experience across iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Hence, cross device usage is definitely smooth and easy for the users. The ecosystem draws consumers in to purchase more products to use simultaneously.
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  • On the technical bit, iOS is based on Objective-C (OC) source code ‘implementation’ program. The speed is generally faster than those coded with Java program (used by Android). With the similar specifications, most applications perform better within iOS environment. This makes why iPhone is built for performance and efficiency.

Compared specifically to Android’s phones, iPhone is easier to use, most functions are well optimized without much customized setting – overall good performance with the default setting. For example, camera, on iPhone, it is smartly scaled, where users just need to take out the phone and snap. Single-step, fast and easy!

In summary, Apple iPhone is very easy to use (or to learn for the new users with a very minimal learning curve), built for performance, support with the great ecosystem, long lifespan without performance deterioration.

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Reference: Baidu blogger 程卓

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