Thermal Wearable Glasses in Screening Potential COVID Symptom

May 09, 2020 Ivan

In response to the COVID-19, Chinese startup Rokid with their specializing in augmented reality wearables, has developed a pair of wearable glasses, Rokid Glass T1 to help screening for symptoms, measuring temperatures on the move.

Equipped with an infrared sensor and a camera, the glasses allow the wearer to “see” peoples’ temperatures, from up to 1 metre away in just 2 minutes.

infrared sensor
infrared sensor

When the glasses identify someone with a fever, they send an automatic alert to the security staff on-duty and make a digital record.

The technology is currently adopted by security staff at Hongyuan Park, a part of the Xixi Wetland preserve in Hangzhou city.

The AI Startup, Rokid was established in 2014. The team focusing in the development of AR/MR and Artificial Intelligence research and products.

“Leave Nobody Behind,” Rokid aims to create extraordinary user experience, superior products and robust enterprise solutions.

Visit their website to understand more.

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