The iPhone 7 And 7 Plus is now RM500 off in Malaysia

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus is now RM500 off in Malaysia. If you’re thinking of getting one, is time for you to get your new iPhone now.  


The iPhone 7 128GB is now priced the same as the base iPhone 7 32GB model at RM3,199. Meanwhile, the iPhone 7 256GB is now reduced to the same price as the 128GB model at RM3,699.

p3It’s the same as well for the iPhone 7 Plus. The iPhone 7 Plus 128GB can be yours at RM3,799 while the iPhone 7 Plus 256GB is now priced at RM4,299.

p4Apple authorised Machines and Switch have announced the price reductions and it’s available in stores and online. This could be a time-limited promo since Apple is still maintaining their old prices on their official site.

UPDATE: Both SenHeng and Harvey Norman are offering the same offer as well. According to SenHeng, the free storage upgrade offer is valid from 26 February until 25 March 2017.


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Source: Machines via Soyacincau


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