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Well…I always think the Oppo branding is a Chinese branding that emphasis a lot of branding due to its high marketing budget from its step price compared to other Chinese phone manufacturer.

The phone was delivered to me at a Specialist center where I was waiting for my monthly supply of meds.

Well the box looks normal when I took it off, the first impression was it was superbly slim and sleek phone.

Its like a version of Android that I need to replace my gaga over the nicely slim designed iPhone 6 Plus.

As it told my self, this will be interesting :p


The Reason

Question that you will have on your mind.

You: Seriously is a sexy Jedi phone? Sweeriously?

Me: Kenapa? Tak percaya ahh?

Well, we are all now brainwashed with the latest Star Wars hype.

The phone indeed is one hell sexy and super slim phone.

The pureness of the metalized gold color, the pure white, the feel and razor slim, super sharp operation, cinematic gorgeous display and lighting fast charging does make me relate to the character.


Also from an emotional standphone it is a sexy, elegant warrior smartphone that you love to hold and slices thru any apps and use that you test it to.

Jedi I tell you…Jedi…


You: Why Oppo have R7, R7 Lite, R7 Plus and now this? Very confusing…

Me: I was not invited to the launch (not a big fish maa)

But from logic is, there is a need for a range for a 5.5 inch model whereby the R7 Plus is a huge 6inch phone with 4000mah battery, the R7 is a 5 inch model and the Lite model is a slightly lower specs (less 2GB RAM, HD instead of Full HD and no VOOC Fast Charging) than the standard R7.

The R7s does emphasis on slimness and design that compared to the other sibling with a 5.5 inch display.

So you have all the choices for your every need / taste.

The Phone

The phone made me doubt at first as the premium price of the R7S with a mid range spec, lack of a fingerprint scanner and NFC.

But it really has impressed me with its superbly well designed build quality, super sleek profile, super nice display, decent camera, very smooth easy and enjoyable to use color OS interface.

Battery is a nice long lasting effect and the presence of VOOC fast charging is awesomely useful as it charge my phone to full in less than 1 hour.

It does define on the focus of the R7S phone here for those features that really matters.

Oppo R7s Specs

Oppo R7s specification.

Overall Findings


A beautifully crafted phone that feels good in your hands, premium design and material, slim but yet long lasting battery usage.

The performance is very commendable and only lack in 2 main features for phone of such price and range: NFC and Fingerprint that was sacrificed for the greater slimness of the phone.

I have no complaint, love the phone and maybe considering such phone for my daily driver.

The VOOC fast charging is indeed useful that push my battery always to high level but dedicated charger is required which I don’t mind investing on a second one.

I always wanted an Android phone that has a similar feeling to iPhone 6 Plus and I believe I found it (except the fingerprint scanner but has a better battery life).


Great Features About The Phone

  1. Phone battery is awesome, VOOC fast charging make it even better. 1 hour full charge.
  2. Very good camera phone and its easy and simple to use.
  3. Color OS is fun to use, butter smooth and the interface is lovely.
  4. Phone design and material is to die for. You don’t need a iPhone 6s plus to have a head turner effect. Many people did asked me what phone I am using (from all the multiple phone I have been testing). Love the attention, of course.
  5. Very decent gaming experience. No lags and smooth experience as far I have tested.
  6. Very nice AMOLED screen, color and brightness are top notch. Feel and acts like a premium phone.

What I Want From This Phone?

  1. It should come at least with a Snapdragon 808 for its price, to push better performance but I am seeing Oppo love using the Snapdragon 610 which is a mid range phone.
  2. I am not a much user of NFC but have costumed to use Finger Print. If this phone were to have such function it will be a completed phone but do expect it will sacrifice some of the slimness but R7 Plus does has it but not as small and slim. Hmmm, choices choices…
Oppo R7s performance rating based on usage.

Sample Photos

Below are some sample photos taken from Oppo R7s without any editing.






What You Should and Shouldn’t Expect From This Phone

You Should Expect

  1. Premium design and material that would rival the iPhone 6s Plus.
  2. Superbly beautiful screen.
  3. Super slim phone with long battery life.
  4. Wickedly fast charging.
  5. Super smooth operation with a very pretty Android version.
  6. Pay a bit more than your average phone range price but you get the premium design and feel.

You Shouldn’t Expect

  1. High spec gaming performance for a phone at this price. It you are a hardcore high end phone gamer, please look else.
  2. No finger print scanner and NFC.



If you always wanted an iPhone but you don’t like IOS limitation and price, don’t mind a finger print reader absence then this is the phone for you.

Its sleek, beautifully crafted head turner, key fells like the iPhone 6s Plus with a very smooth and beautifully interface but with expandable memory, dual SIM, and a very good battery life plus superbly fast charging.

For Who?

Those who don’t mind paying RM2K for a mid spec phone but great feel and experienced on a phone.

Those who want iPhone 6s Plus feel but without IOS limitation.


The phone does come with a beautiful screen protector and a very slim transparent high quality TPU case.

Accessories has the good variety and available in many shops (especially with the Oppo logo) and also widely available in the internet.

I will be eyeing on any discount for this as seriously considering this phone either for myself or for my ministry of home affair :p

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