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Driving down to Alcatel Malaysia office in Tropicana, sighing the price hike of the tols that cost me RM9 from my office to there.

Tired and frustrated when entering the Alcatel office and was greated by the warm staff even though they were in serious working mode.

Waited in the room a box of Alcatel Flash 2 was handed to me with some level of excitement.

Start opening a very decent box design (this is not your typical small and boxy iPhone or Samsung kind of boxes, which is so boring) and start taking out the phone. Breath…

Oh wow, nice…nice… (that was the exact word from me to the Alcatel Marketing Manager).

The feel is very similar to my previous 1 Plus 1 due to the sandstone backcover, design factor is different to your typical iPhone or Samsung wannabe design. Which I kind love that add certain uniqueness to the phone.

Then I start powering it up and there is a beautiful vanilla flavored of Android Lollipop appearing. Yum yum…


The Reason of tagging this to the Flash superhero character:

Question that you will have on your mind (yes, I’m physic :P)

Question 1. Why This Phone Is Called The Flash? Is this a very fast phone or only share similarities with the superhero character?

Answer: Well, it’s a bit of both, the name of course (duh) but most importantly as well due to its speedster packing of Mediatek Octacore processing with 2GB RAM and finally its Vanilla Android OS.

Its indeed is fast and kudos to Alcatel that design it in such a way: simplified, optimized, and captivating as well.

Question 2: Why Alcatel named the phone the ‘Flash’?

Accordingly to Alcatel Malaysia, Flash series is design more into the photography advantage that focus into the camera features of the phone.

I think Alcatel people loves reading superhero comics (haha…just kidding).

Photo: Syuhada Photography

The Phone itself:

To be very open.. I have tested, purchased and reviewed an extremely large collection of smartphone and its getting very similar and close to each other as the competition is getting more and all is getting better but that makes me more focus into the difference and variance of the phone which is my key review factor. The question I have:

1. What makes this difference from the rest?

2. Is it actually a better model (especially from the previous model)?

3. Is the price offered really worth while the difference with the other options?

4.  Its it reliable and sufficient for the user or future needs and to what extend?

For such answer, you can easily spot the answer in my article.

Well for this, Alcatel Flash 2 really has a very unique design flair and build quality.

Specification are generous and just right for us and Android is back to simplicity with Vanilla version.

Hence its really a true competitor over the highly saturated Android market here in Malaysia.

 The Alcatel Flash 2 Specs

Alcatel Flash 2 specification.

Overall Findings


A very smooth and practical phone that able to provide more than sufficient computing power, a good front and back camera and a very long lasting battery.

A real value for money for a day-to-day phone that covers most of the normal user requirement.

Photo: Syuhada Photography

Great Features About The Phone

  1. Phone battery is awesome, like its added Viagra to the 3,000mAh battery. One of the best for such price and battery yet.
  2. One of the best camera phone with front flash and excellent back camera with dual tone flash and wide 2.0 aperture (which means awesome pictures).
  3. Have to mention its butter smooth simple and pretty Vanilla Android 5.1. Nexus on a budget option is here.
  4. 4G dual sim on both slot that uses a separate memory card slot unlike Huawei, Honor, Meizu, some Samsung.
  5. Very decent gaming experience. No lags and smooth experience in my gaming until now.
  6. Super value for money for only RM549 (may have more discount) at Lazada including case and screen protector with Cash on Delivery option.

What I Want From This Phone?

  1. Camera is awesome but photography software optimization can be better but Alcatel informed me that the new update will improve this greatly with better smoother interface in camera mode. [Update: Alcatel has just released version 3.2 firmware update and this has bring better and smoother camera experience including a low lighting output quality improvement]
  2. A similar 5.5 – 6 inch model, I do love phablet phones and I believe if Alcatel were to bundle a larger screen with IGZO panel will be godsend.
Alcatel Flash 2 performance rating based on usage.

Sample Photos

Below are some sample photos taken from Alcatel Flash 2 without any editing. Its really looks good here.





What You Should and Shouldn’t Expect From This Phone

You Should Expect

  1. Flawless integration of Vanilla Android with excellent hardware that turns this into value for money – it’s a basically a Nexus-like phone.
  2. Best camera using the latest 13.1MP Samsung camera sensor with Phase Detection Auto Focus. Dual tone flash.
  3. One of the best budget 5 inch value for money phone around.
  4. Something that is nice and pretty to hold and your friend will be asking what phone is that?
  5. Long long battery life, over 7 hours screen on time and almost 2 days battery on average use.
  6. Speedster performance in day to day and even gaming.

You Shouldn’t Expect

  1. No bloatware. No UI customization. No extra unnecessary tools and confusing interface from different manufacturer.
  2. Not a design for hardcore 3D gaming but surprisingly its very very smooth running most of the 3D games it good detail. I am very impressed.
  3. Will not have a need to pat a lot of money for this. Its a super cheap price for a such a awesome phone.
Photo: Syuhada Photography


If you need a phone with a long long lasting battery, nice camera, not a phablet(5inch range), a Nexus kind of plain Vanilla Android, decent gaming machine, unique design and want to pay only less than RM600 which also includes Original Flip Case and Screen Protector.

No need to think further, no need even to survey.. just show them your money!

Also the thing I admire that Alcatel Malaysia as they are really working hard in listening they owner feedback and try to provide the best support for their phones.

Also they even requested me to open and safeguard the Alcatel Flash User Malaysia Facebook Group.

Feeback and updates are given and they are also throw in a nice competition (details below) and later an owner event.

For Who?

Almost for everybody who have budget less than RM600 and get the greatest bang for buck phone. No contest.

Other brand can go play far far (for now).

Other competitors would be: Meizu M2, Lenovo A6000 Plus and the Asus Zenfone 2 Laser 5”.

Surprisingly even I am now converted into a Flash 2 owner.

Where to get a budget phone price similar to Nexus phone with lasting battery wehh!


Well, its limited at the moment but Alcatel has been generous enough to include a very nice Flip Cover that replaces even the battery back cover which most manufacturer selling it for more than RM100 and original screen protector as well.

Alcatel also now bringing in TPU back cover and Tempered Glass from 3rd party supplier to Malaysia (and some are available at and from HERE.

What I recommend it just stay naked (ehem ehem) and with Tempered Glass protection all day and all night. LOL.


In conjuction of our review and also showing the true potential of the photography of the Alcatel Flash series, do join this fun and easy competition contest by Alcatel.



Like Alcatel Flash Malaysia Facebook page to know how to enter this contest.

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