It’s official guys!

Apple Store Malaysia has revealed the official pricing of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus in their website today.

The official pricing of S Series is slightly higher than our prediction couple of days ago.

Here’s the pricing.


Even though the devices are showing on Apple Store, actually you can’t buy directly from the site at the moment.

You can try check the website again next week before 16th October but you would probably need a wait a bit longer for delivery.

If you’re the first time buyer of iPhone device, we strongly recommend that you go for at least 64GB for long term practicality especially if you take photos and videos a lot.

Because we found that many iPhone users will feel 16GB is insufficient for them after using it for a while.

Alternative way to purchase the new iPhone 6s is you could consider taking one up subsidised on contract with a plan that suits your needs.

Both Maxis and Digi have revealed their plans and you can pre-order with them now.

The iPhone 6s will be available officially in Malaysia next Friday, 16th October.

Source: Apple Store Malaysia, SoyaCincau

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