Great news to all Samsung fans out there!

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 pre-order is now open.


For those of you who wish to get the Note 7 from a local telco and looking for a subsidised price, Maxis has unveiled its Samsung Galaxy Note 7 bundle today.

You can get the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 from as low as RM101 per month, and it comes with a complementary of wireless charger stand and a powerbank (10,200mAh).

You can choose one out of the available colors for Note 7 which is Gold, Silver and Black.


How To Get Galaxy Note 7 With Maxis Zerolution?


Please be informed that Maxis Zerolution is only eligible for MaxisONE plan subscribers, so you will need to pay a monthly plan fee on top of your Zerolution fee.

After 12 months of usage, you can exchange the device with a new phone and start a new Zerolution cycle.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will officially be available in Malaysian market on 19th August 2016.

Check out Note 7 Maxis Zerolution Pre-Order page for more information about its Galaxy Note 7 bundle.

Source: Maxis

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