“I’m scared to make any calls when I’m going travel overseas. I rather look for Wifi hotspots. My plan already comes with mobile data but I can’t use it when I’m in overseas because I heard so many cases from the people I know that bill could up to thousands. So I won’t take risk.”

“No, No, No! I won’t turn on my phone. It’s so dangerous. As a businessman, I receive a lot of phone calls. If everytime I pickup the call I will be charged. My bill will be more expensive that my holiday cost.”

These are the most common answer from Malaysian when asked whether they will make or receive calls from their phone when travel overseas.

Maxis aware about this situation and they just launch their new MaxisONE World international roaming plan for all MaxisONE plan users which gives unlimited outgoing and incoming calls and SMS for a flat rate of RM38 per day.


This is not a new roaming package but it’s work automatically that activates your roaming plan once you make or receive a call overseas with your local number.

In addition to the unlimited calls and SMS, Maxis are also giving 500MB of roaming data per day on top of your existing data quota.

If you run out of quota, you can purchase additional data at the same rate as it would be in Malaysia.

Keep in mind that this plan automatically activates once you have international roaming charges that exceed RM10. Otherwise, you will be charged accordingly.

We look it as an add-on value to the existing MaxisOne plan by Maxis, bundling unlimited calls and SMS when roaming plus the ability to use your existing local data quota overseas.

How to Activate?

First, you need to be a MaxisOne Plan user to use this facility.

Then, go to Settings > Mobile Data > Data Roaming – turn on.


The best part is that all of this is done automatically, even the selection of roaming networks.

Simply turn on data roaming and Maxis will connect to their preferred roaming partners saving you the headache of manually choosing the operators and accidental exorbitant charges when you connect to the wrong network.

This definitely eliminates a lot of potential headaches, something you don’t need more of when travelling.

At the moment this MaxisOne World is exclusive to MaxisONE postpaid plan subscribers, so other users who are not under the MaxisONE postpaid plan aren’t eligible for this.

Travel Protection

Plus, Maxis also providing FREE travel insurance protection under MaxisONE World plan.

Once your plan has been activated, you will be eligible for the Travel Protection Plan which covers benefits like medical and accidental plus travel inconveniences like loss of travel documents, baggage and even baggage delay.

What’s in Travel Protection Plan?




As part of the first phase of the MaxisONE World rollout, it is now available in 8 ASEAN countries — Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Brunei, Philippines, Cambodia and Laos.

Maxis is pushing for the next phase to happen in Q3 later this year which will widen its availability to other countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

If you would like to know more about this flat rate unlimited calls and sms with 500MB data of international roaming plan by Maxis head to their official website.

Source: Maxis, SoyaCincau

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