As a consumer, we always seek for what’s the best.

Some may look into feature-rich products, where others just want to have that ‘thing’ everyone keeps on talking about.

As someone with this experience, I’d like to share it with you on what to consider when you’re getting your first iPhone.

Either you were an Android user, or the humble Windows Phone goer, let me take you on a journey.

An iPhone 6S Rose Gold taken by Afif Fahmi Bin Rosli (IG: iefahmi)

#1. Interface – Efficient, Simple & Direct

iOS falls right in between my legs… No, iOS falls right in between Android and Windows Phone.

In other words, between performance driven and plain simple.

This makes iOS a balanced ecosystem that everyone loves today.

You can easily find simplicity everywhere.

With the new minimalistic design Apple introduced a few years ago, you will never try to look away from your iPhone.

Getting anywhere from the homescreen is as easy as it is.

Afterall, it’s for everyone to use.

iOS has also been very well known for it’s lubricant smooth navigation around the screen.

Sorry Windows Phone.

Getting from point A to point B has never been so smooth.

Imagine a slowmo video showing someone wiggling a piece of jelly.

Yes, I’m not exaggerating.

#2. Fashion Statement – Fashion or Trendy?

We can’t really argue that Apple was founded under principles of iconic design.

In other words, founded by a band of men with great sense of style. Right.

They do however, proved it.

Apple has reached to a point where it is safe enough to say that it is selling the Ferrari of the tech world.

It is something you are destined to brag about.

When you see someone with an iPhone, you can also see that he is glowing among the crowds.

Believe it is true because if it’s not, then you won’t be reading this article in the first place.

#3. Specsheet – They never did matter

iPhones never really did a good job on it’s specsheet.

A first run down on the specifications and all you see are dual-cores, a gig of ram (now two), a handful amount of battery capacity.

What is there to amaze me?

It is true, however when you talk about iPhones, specs don’t really matter.

The people at Apple focuses more on the user experience of their consumers on their daily lives.

It’s like the difference of Class Smart and Street Smart.

It’s a complicated mess between hardware and software working together which results on how good a phone performs.

The iPhone aced that.

It’s light operating system, and it’s optimal use of hardware, gets anything done.

It’s ability to outperform a quad-core processor smartphone (Android) with it’s tiny dual core custom-made cheeky named processor, has been proven.

The iPhone is a dropout with no big qualifications but it outperforms to it’s limit.

#4. Appstore – Select Your Weapon of Choice

Based on Statista, Appstore is ranked 2nd behind Google Play.


Appstore never fails when it comes to it’s beautiful array of apps & games optimized to run smoothly in iOS ecosystem.

The store is also made easy to navigate around.

Whether you’re browsing for a new game, or checking out what’s the no. 1 app to date.

Everything is perfectly placed, for iPhone users to easily look for what they want.

Apps are also available outside of the Appstore if you prefer to go rogue.

There are a lot of apps out there which are not signed under Appstore though like moviebox, GBA4iOS but hey, that’s up to you to explore.

#5. Money = Quality: You Pay For What You’ll Get

What you’ll get with iPhone?

A phone with great hardware running with superb operating system, results a limitless experience.

The iPhone really has no problem when it comes to it’s resale value.

With Apple’s encouraging direction for iPhone’s future sales, it’s really building up the wave.

Moreover, year after year, the iPhone really continues to gain shares at the high end smartphone market.


Apart from that, as demand for iPhone rises, so does the resale value of the iPhone.

In Malaysia, you can sell and get 80% of the full retail price.

That’s how high the demand is in Malaysia.

We’re full of Apple fanboys.

#6. Choice of Accesorries – Unlimited

At some point, you’ll eventually get bored of looking at your iPhone, but hey, solving that is easy.

What’s great about owning an iPhone is that you also have the access to different kinds of accessories.

From cases to camera lens, you’ll never get bored exploring your phone through different cases.

A Lego Builder case made by Belkin

Possibilities are endless…

 Other than that, there are also accessories that goes with specified apps that can be installed from the Appstore.

Like the GoPro, Fitbit, Nike+ & loads more.

Even better, you can get these easily from any electronic stores worldwide.

Switch on your light from your iPhone. How cool is that?

#7. Jailbreak

Unlike root for Android, which gives permission to users to access the settings until the core, Jailbreak is more like giving more access for users to play around more on the surface with their iPhone, without having the possibilities to brick your iPhone.

Sorry Android.

It let’s you customize your iPhone to however you like it.

Though I prefer not to.

I like it clean. But that’s up to you.

Want to Jailbreak? You can always refer on the net for the steps!

#8. Afterpurchase Services

Apple provides top knotched service for iPhone users.

Varying from extensive warranty, to being able to have a 1-on-1 conversation with an Apple specialist so you could specify more on what’s wrong.

Parts are also easy to acquire.

What’s that? Expensive?

Well, there are aftermarket parts if you decide to spare a few change in your pocket.

Everything China can make.

#9. Security

iPhone has one of the best security framework in the smartphone arena.

One of the features of this is the tracker that automatically marks the location of your iPhone before the battery depletes.

However, if you ever wish to stalk your location on the map, you can rightfully do so by accessing it’s application that comes pre-installed in every Apple-made product.

If an iPhone was stolen, with all the security setup, the criminal will have a really hard time trying to even get to the lockscreen.

Every iPhone is registered with an Apple ID, and that is actually a key for you to unlock your iPhone.

#10. Updates – If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It

Apple continues to perform as a company to give out the best for it’s customers.

They prioritise on user experience, getting as much data as possible only to get better in the future.

Updates roll out regularly every 2-4 weeks.

There is even a Beta program if you’re interested to get more involved with Apple to report any bugs of an upcoming iOS update.

Kind of like a nightly.


That wraps up the 10 strong reasons if you are getting an iPhone for the first time, regardless of any model.

I hope this helps you to think through on why you should convert into an iPhone user.

If you have anything to ask, or add.

Please don’t hesitate to comment below and I will answer when necessary.

So, will you get one?

Let's Discuss

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