Every year Apple comes up with a new feature to wow customer in order to buy the new iPhone.

So what’s new for this year? It said to be Force Touch!

Every 2 years they come out with “S” phone. Like the iPhone 3GS came with video recording. The iPhone 4s came with Siri. The iPhone 5s came with touch ID. And iPhone 6s will come with Force Touch.”
– Mark Gurman from 9to5Mac.

“For this upgrade instead of changing the design, they focus on this new cool feature that will encourage people to buy the new iPhone and help their marketing campaign,” he added.

Force Touch was first introduced on the Apple Watch. It’s a tool to eliminate key struck with shortcuts.

Force Touch is when you need to press the screen little bit harder.

Force Touch will help users to get access on certain functionality quicker. Just press into the screen harder and the desired function will be launched.

For example, if you want to get direction on certain places in Maps, you have to go through menu and click on car icon and click on start navigation button to begin navigation.

But with Force Touch, users just need to press little bit harder on the search result and it will start the navigation.

It’s all about creating shortcuts, save your time and simplifying the process that previously took you two or three steps to make and make it just one step process.

If you are currently using iPhone 6 or iPhone 5 series, are you going to upgrade your phone to the new iPhone 6s? Give your thoughts and comments below.

Source: Youtube video by USA Today. See full video here.

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