At the press conference together with the introduction of the second generation of Chromecast 2 as well as specialized streaming media “Projection” to ordinary sound Chromecast Audio!

Two new products can be purchased from the Google Store, and the price is only $ 35 (about RM156) only!

Chromecast 2


  • The new shape is like a 3D version of Chrome flag, with black, yellow and red color
  • Support 802.11ac Wi-Fi connection, 5GHz network, watch Netflix videos can get a better experience
  • Support more applications, including: Spotify, Showtime, Sling TV, etc.


Photo: The Verge.

Chromecast now support push photos from your phone to the TV, you want to watch the picture on television became more relaxed!

Photo: The Verge.

Google also introduced a Chromecast Android application, additional simple playback control function, but also can activate the voice command in the application.

Photo: The Verge.

Newly added Fast Play feature that allows video content Chromecast prefetching, when a user opens an application when the user is automatically presumed content you want to see, and then automatically starts the cache in the background, greatly enhance the theater experience.

This application will in a short time, landing Android and iOS platform!

Photo: The Verge.

In addition, Chromecast Android application can even be a remote control to play the game!

It represents, Chromecast wallpaper, but also by the Getty and 500 – Support for pixel, the user can join the Facebook or Flickr images as wallpaper too!

Chromecast Audio


The new Chromecast Audio, is selling at $ 35.

Its usage and the TV version Chromecast almost identical, but turned into a music video, television became a star.

Google said the new Chromecast applications will make it easier to play video or music content, lightweight design and Chromecast 2 is almost the same, the same printed with a 3D-style Chrome logo.


Chromecast Audio support Pandora, iHeartRadio, Google Play Music and Tune In Radio, playback can be controlled via the phone lock screen and Android Wear smart watches.

Photo: The Verge.

Chromecast 2 and Chromecast Audio launched today, priced at the same $ 35 (about RM156), will first be available in 17 countries.

Source: ZingGadget

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