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Good things doesn’t come cheap, you pay peanuts you get monkey.

Gone are the days such ideology that cheap things aren’t good and now the Meizu M2 Note has proved it.


A review unit was bought at RM699 including a tempered glass and a slim transparent case for free as stated in Meizu Malaysia official website.

And another yes, it is that cheap… and this is an original set.

Meizu M2 Note feels very firm in hand. Photo: Instagram @emman_fajilan

Overall Finding


We can say Meizu M2 Note is a slim decent design and good performance phone for a daily driver and value for money.

Great Features about Meizu M2 Note


  1. Dual SIM with 4G connectivity. Second SIM slot is interchangeable with Memory Card. So you have to choose either one.
  2. Micro SD slot for an expandable memory with 16GB internal memory.
  3. A 5MP front camera for selfie. A very well capable 13.1MP Camera with LED flash using Samsung camera sensor which is great for pictures and a big plus for phone with this pricing.
  4. Mediatek Octa/8 Core 64 bit enough to handle games and application. Also it does come with a whopping 2GB RAM.
  5. 3100Mah Sony battery that would last more than a day of average use.
  6. Android 5.1 Lolipop with Flyme 4.5 flavor on top.
  7. 12 months warranty from Meizu Malaysia.
  8. Very decent build quality and a premium phone looks and feel for a phone at this price.

What I Want From This Phone?

The M1 Note comes with a more powerful Processor and Graphic that is even able to manage good gaming.

The M2 Note only offers a lower performance chip but it does the get the job done.

But do note that the M2 Note is priced RM100 cheaper (at the time of the launch of M2 Note) than the previous M1 Note model (Now at clearance price RM599 for 16GB).

If the Meizu would put in a faster processor, this phone is perfect and god sends!

Performance Rating

MeizuM2 Note performance rating based on usage.

What ‘You’ should and shouldn’t expect from this device?

Photo: Instagram @reezq21

You Should

  1. The good phone for everything except hardcore 3D gaming like Mortal Combat. Overkill 3, Godfire.
  2. Good at taking pictures for a phone at this price range.
  3. Almost perfect package for a 5.5 inch phone.

You Shouldn’t

  1. Expect it is a super-fast phone but performance is decent.
  2. It is not a small phone as it’s a 5.5 inch phablet.
  3. Not for hardcore gaming.
  4. Not to expect to pay a lot.
Photo: Instagram @reezq21
Photo: Instagram @reezq21

While buying the second unit for testing purpose, the sales person was puzzled and question us “Is the Meizu a good phone? As many people complaint they don’t like it.

My thoughts are that the Flyme is really trying to mimic IOS simplicity and typical Android users may face some difficulties first familiarizing with the interface.

For me it’s a very interesting adventure to explore and I kinda like the way they design Flyme.

Oh ya, it does come with a latest 64bit version of Android and the Malaysian version is installed with a 32bit Google Play.

If you have issue with Google Apps, just download the latest 64bit version HERE.


Photo: Instagram @reezq21

Smooth, fast, slim, good looking phone, excellent camera and display.

For those who not into 3D gaming a lot, wants a decent easy to use phone, love to take great photos for your Instagram and want something that’s feels and look premium, you don’t have to spend a lot for a phone; this RM699 phone is the phone for you.

If 3D gaming is your thing, get the Lenovo A7000 Plus instead.

We are also doing a ‘Versus Match’ review between these 2 soon.

Other competitors for this phone would be Lenovo A6000 Plus, Xiaomi Redmi Note 2, Asus Zenfone 2.

Accessories are available as but at time you may need to source out online like as some shop does not sell the case.

Lelong does offer quite a variety of decent case and the phone is just released.

Where to Buy?

Meizu M2 Note can be purchased online either at the Official Meizu Malaysia website or DirectD website forRM699 including GST. Of course every new unit comes with FREE casing and tempered glass.


If you have any doubts or thoughts about this Meizu M2 Note let’s discuss below.

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