Just finished the morning Google 2015 conference, Google expect to bring us two new machines, but also brought a new tablet – it is called Pixel C!

Pixel C and Chromebook Pixel are designed by Google, but the difference is that the Chromebook Pixel running Chrome OS system, and Pixel C is running the latest Android M.

How cool is that!

Google Pixel C on hand. Photo: The Verge.

In fact, nothing special appearance design, all- metal body, equipped with 10.2-inch screen (2560 x 1800 resolution), also equipped with USB Type-C interface, and support proprietary keyboard flip it (doesn’t it sound like iPad Pro?).

Google Pixel C specification. Photo: The Verge.

As configured, Pixel C equipped with an NVIDIA Tegra X1 Maxwell processor and graphics processor, with 3GB RAM and runs the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow system.

There’s no trackpad, so you’ll be poking the screen a lot. It will wobble. Photo: ArsTechnica.

Pixel C back will have to show the battery charge light bar!

Storage of 32GB and 64GB respectively has two versions available.

Google Pixel C pricing. Photo: The Verge.

A pixel C 32GB version priced at $ 499 (about RM2,220) and 64GB version $ 599 (about RM2,665).

As for the keyboard parts will be sell for $ 149 (about RM663).

Source: ZingGadget

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