2018 Q3 Smartphone Market: Vivo Holds 15% Market Share And Equally With Huawei!

According to the Counterpoint 2018 Q3 smartphone market research in Asia with the China smartphone brand, Vivo been announced is one of the Top 5 smartphone brands who shipped the most phones in Q3. Vivo has scores a remarkable result of 15% in the Asian market which is equally with Huawei.

While Vivo has scores 15% in the Asian market, Vivo also holds the 1st place in China’s Q3 Smartphone Market with their good smartphone performance. According to the market research organization SANOFI, Vivo has stands the top of the list in China’s Q3 Smartphone Market.

The top of the list, Vivo, achieved the most sales volume of 20 million smartphones with 15% growth rate and earns a 19.2% market share. Most of the smartphone brands are dropping their sales at Q3 while Vivo still maintain its growth with their excellent flagship smartphone NEX.









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Source: Vivo Malaysia


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