Enjoy 12.12 Promotions With Vivo Only At Shopee.

Limited promotion with Vivo only at Shopee from today onwards till 12th Dec 2018, Vivo fans may get lots of amazing deal with purchase Vivo smartphone at Shopee Malaysia.

What’s the amazing deal?


Follow Vivo Malaysia at Shopee and grab a RM10 voucher with minimum spend of RM100. Other than that, you may use the promo code VIVO2512 to enjoy RM25 discount with minimum spend of RM500. With minimum spend of RM1,000, you can enjoy RM50 discount with the promo code VIVO5012. The promo codes are applicable to selected phone models only.

That’s an another limited shocking deals on 10th to 12th Dec. Please mark your calendar and the details are listed as below:

10th Dec

  • X21 – RM1,599
  • V7 – RM699

11th Dec

  • Vshare Cable – RM12
  • Y53 – RM399

12th Dec

  • V71i – RM499
  • Y85 – RM699
  • V9 – RM899

Vivo Malaysia invites you to unlock an achievement with them. Follow Vivo Malaysia at Shopee and you may purchase Vshare cable with only RM1 after reaching 30,000 followers. With 35,000 followers, Vshare powerbank is available at RM11. Y53 will be selling at RM199 once 40,000 followers is following vivo Malaysia.


* Remember Rate and Review after purchasing your Vivo smartphone at Shopee Malaysia and you’ll receive Free movie tickets.









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Source: Vivo Malaysia


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