The World Smallest Smartphone | Zanco Tinny 11.

Now a day, most of the smartphone screen are infinity display. The screen will become bigger and biggest. Can you imagine what the smallest smartphone looks like? Let’s take a look.

This super mini cute smartphone is the world’s smallest cell phone – Zanco Tiny 11. At first, the original Zanco Tiny 11 was just a joke, but the designer Tallib really brought it to the world after 18 months of struggle.

How smallest is it? It stands only a little higher than a coin.

It is smaller than USB, but this does not affect its practicality as a mobile phone.

Zanco Tiny 11 has the general mobile phone features, phone call, Bluetooth, keyboard, micro USB charging as well.

The dimension is 46.7 mm high and 21 mm wide. Weight is only and 13 grams.









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Source: Caca Asia


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