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An assassin phone that is set to kill all flagship alike? A phone version of Hitman?

Lets find out here in our One Plus Two Quickie Review.


Overall Finding


Fastest phone out there and does cost as much as the rest.

Even with the unique ‘1 + 2’ name, it’s a well known brand and superb performance that most of us ‘geeks’ worship.

I actually like the name; “What phone your using?. “Three = One + Two”. (similar like Bond, James Bond voice tone).

OnePlus 2 specification.

Well, some of us may know what a great phone the first model OnePlus One was.

It was indeed one of the best phone that I have ever use except the camera side.

So with the new addition of the One Plus Two and its camera upgrade it seems my prayer should be answered.

Having the set for 1 week sponsored by Yess Comm, the day I got the phone I was so thrilled.

Almost wet my…hands (what you were thinking?)

The Box was simpler and smaller compared to the previous one but the phone has a nice metal frame and a rougher easier to hold sand stone back cover feeling to it.

Better premium feel, checked!


Opening the phone, the screen shows its superiority indeed.

Even at Full HD, for me its enough for our human eye to see compared to Quad HD (that gives better battery life and performance).

The screen is brighter, no yellow tint effect like the previous one and colors are bright.



Back has the new 13.1MP camera with an Image Optical Stabilizer and Laser both included…Slurpp!

I was so excited to tried it out (as it was the only Achilles heal for the previous One Plus One).

While going thru the phone, the smoothness of the phone was awesomely quick, easy to use and reminds me of my old OnePlus One.

Then the camera trial begins, the camera start shooting some serious assassin shot in normal lighting and it was goooood.

Not the best, but definitely in the good range of 13.1MP camera.

Laser and Optical Stabilizer did a good job in focusing the object.

Continue with the rest, there was below my very very high expectation but it was good and major improvement compared to the older model.

Below are photos taken by OnePlus Two with no editing.










Low Lighting







Great Features About OnePlus 2


  1. Dual SIM with 4G connectivity. The connection strength for both LTE and WiFi strong, clear and good call quality with no drop in call or data so far during my use.
  2. No dedicated Micro SD slot but it does come with a super fast 64GB internal memory. At least not as bad as some phone selling flagship 32GB Internal memory with No Micro SD, a 3K phone with 32GB? (Blasphemy!).
  3. A normal 5MP front camera for selfie. A very good 13.1MP camera with Powerful Dual LED. One of the few that also include Laser focusing and Optical Image stabilizer in the camera phone.
  4. The best and all mighty Octacore Snapdragon 810 V2. It able to handles everything you throw at it including the kitchen sink. Also it does come with top ranging high speed 4GB RAM. Make no mistake, this phone is wickedly fast! I also don’t notice any hot heat affect while playing games.
  5. 3,300Mah battery that would last more than a day of average use.
  6. Android 5.1 with Oxygen UI flavor on top. Its simple, pretty and fast.
  7. A button on the left side of the phone to set your phone sound notification to normal, selected or silent. Quite a nice new function here especially during meetings, working and noisy places.
  8. Fingerprint scanner. You can ensure your data is safe. The front button is included with a fingerprint scanner. It was smooth as expected.

What I Want More From This Phone?

  1. Better software optimization of the camera, the hardware is good but I believe some tweaks would bring the camera quality better.
  2. Quick charging and maybe wireless charging. For such a flagship spec, quick charge is a must!
  3. Infra-Red blaster maybe? NFC I don’t think is important but NFC would be a nice addition to the phone.
OnePlus 2 performance rating based on usage.

What You Should and Shouldn’t Expect From This Device

You Should Expect

  1. Performance is the best. No compromise. If you want super multitasking, thousand of Whatsapp group running, ultimate gaming phone. Look no further.
  2. Excel at gaming, able to handle what you throw at the phone.
  3. One of the ultimate 5.5 phablet around.
  4. Simple design but a handsome phone indeed.

You Shouldn’t Expect

Latest USB C cable is used for charging OnePlus 2 phone.
  1. Camera is very decent but its still unable to beat Samsung S6, Z4 and Honor 6 Plus. But indeed is very decent but I do expect better future software optimization.
  2. To use the phone charging like your current USB cable. It uses the latest USB C that can be plug in either way but you will need to buy additional cable for your car charger, powerbank, office desk charger and such. It is the future standard hence investment will be worthwhile if you use this phone.

How To Buy?

A flagship phone nowadays will cost from RM2,300 till RM3,000 price range and this phone is selling at only RM1,788.22 including 6% GST.

To get one, you’ll need to get an invitation like the rest of the world and Maxis will be giving out invite codes to those that register.

If you didn’t receive any invitation, no worries.

You can still buy OnePlus 2 phone at any of below Maxis outlet without any invite codes needed.

  • Alpha Angle Shopping Centre, Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur
  • Bangi Utama Shopping Complex (Warta), Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor
  • NSK, Off Jalan Kuchai Lama, Kuala Lumpur
  • Wangsa Walk, Bandar Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur
  • Quill City Mall, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur

All you need to do is go to any outlet above and ask nicely that you want to buy OnePlus 2 phone by mentioning this 2 magical words – “Clickuz” and “Yes Comm“.


One of the best phone out there, wickedly fast and able to kill of any of the available phone out there.

Indeed a flagship killer for a very decent price.

Note: Gamers, heavy users, lag allergic people, “kiasu” wanna pay less and get the best type of people. This is your phone.

Other competitors for this phone would be Samsung Note 5, Asus Zenfone Deluxe, Xiaomi Note Pro.


Even when the phone its just releases there is a ton of cases, screen protectors online and available at some the shop.

My personal recommendation, get the Nillkin H+ Tempered Glass.

Slim feel get the Nillkin Super Shield or for full protection Ringke Case are awesome.


Well, time to part with such a nice phone. sad-emoticons-small

If you have any question, please comment below and I will give an answer.

Also stay tuned for our upcoming iPhone 6S Plus phone review next week!

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