[RUMORS] iPhone X Edition Price From ~ RM4,260!


Recently there are rumors that iPhone 8 named as iPhone X or iPhone Edition. Dutch media iCulture said the Apple’s 10th anniversary, iPhone to be named as iPhone X. The meaning of “X” is Roman numerals 10.

The iPhone release date, Apple will be scheduled on 12 September in the Apple Park, including the iPhone 8. The total will have five new products. The most of people expect is the NEW iPhone price! Although that’s lot of rumors iPhone 8 price will be the highest ever, but yesterday there was a latest message price of NEW iPhone, take a look ~


According to AppleInsider reports, the first exposure of the iPhone 8 mobile rendering (Benjamin Geskin) on Twitter, the iPhone 8 price range,

  • 64GB iPhone 8 priced at $999 (~ RM4,260)
  • 256GB iPhone 8 priced at $1,099 (~ RM4,689)
  • 512GB iPhone 8 priced at $1,199 (~ RM5,119).




In addition to three iPhone, Apple will also bring 4K version of Apple TV, and there is a new version of the Apple Watch on 12 September.






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Source: MDroid


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