Today the mobile phone market with the most influential of the two brands – Samsung and Apple’s every move can cause a change in the trend whirlwind bursts.

The most recent trend of mobile phone’s elements are the introduction of pink metallic color which well known as Rose Gold for Apple iPhone 6s series.


iPhone 6s launched a Rose Gold version, do you think Samsung will be left behind on this trend?

Samsung will also going to launch a pink version of Note 5 and they call it as Pink Gold.

Galaxy Note 5 currently available in four colours – Black Sapphire, Pearl White, Gold and Silver Titanium.

Now, Samsung will launch a pink version as well!

Currently it will be released only for Korean market, with only 64GB optional rose gold version, priced at 965,800 Won (about RM3,576).

Is this pink version going to enter Malaysian market? We shall wait and see.

Source: ZingGadget

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