This is ASUS Zenpad Theater 8.0 (Z380KL) review brought to you by Clickuz.


The Reason


It’s seems this would be another Transformers trend for my review for ASUS product.

There was no intention towards this but the character seems just fit with the device.

Whats do you call a transformable tablet that able to dock with audio speaker attached in?

Deception Soundwave!

Sound badass. Yea, now you know.

Just like me… :p


The Tablet


My last tablet that I bought and use was the Xiaomi MiPad 1.

Well it was big, heavy, thick, fast and a bit buggy but it does serve the purpose well except for the 3G and 4G Data connection which kinda suck without that.

Back to this device, got the new sealed box unit from ASUS.

Nice box that was combination of the tablet and the optional become standard cover that has a speaker build in which is kind refresh design towards the dull tablet market.

I was excited and really appreciate ASUS looking into such innovation in their offering.


Overall Findings


An excellent tablet that can be used for video and audio presentation or for people who loves watching movies, play songs or MTV a lot.

From a standard tablet perspective, it does deliver smooth speed, decent screen resolution and enough memory, battery life and nice design and excellent build quality.


Great Feature About The Tablet

  1. One of the best multimedia tablet with strong audio features that is under RM1K range.
  2. Nice design, slim feel and premium look to the tablet, screen is large enough and easy to handle,
  3. Snapdragon 410 is a good addition to the tablet instead of the previous Intel variant, not hot, long lasting battery and offers the power most user need.
  4. ASUS Zen UI is nice, east to use and very stable. Their UI is getting better and better.


What I Want From This Phone?

  1. Camera is just so-so but the colors are below average especially in low lighting.
  2. Better screen resolution as I don’t believe it should be at HD (1280 x 800).
  3. Faster processor and maybe slightly more RAM.




You Should Expect

  1. Loud, very loud speaker.
  2. One of the best design for value for money tablet especially under the RM1K bracket.
  3. Practical and best screen size for tablet from my view.
  4. Value for money for an 8 inch tab.

You Shouldn’t Expect

  1. Not for hardcore gamer.
  2. Not light with the speaker cover attached.
  3. Back camera is below average.




A decent that that offers good multimedia capability and it doesn’t break the bank. It is a very good value if you compared to the rest. Practicality and creativity is the main features that are well bundle together.


For Who?


  1. Those who want a loud tablet without lugging a separate Bluetooth speaker.
  2. Those who need a decent presentation tablet.
  3. Those who want a unique tablet that sets apart from current typical offering.

Other competitors would be Xiaomi MiPad 2 (no 4G funtions), Samsung Tab 8.0 (which cost far more money without the speaker features).



Tempered glass is a must, I would suggest Nillkin explosion proof as it seems the tablet screen is sensitive.

You don’t need a case as its already included the case with build in speaker.

Well, time to part with the tablet and I have bought the ASUS Zenpad C 7.0 value tab for my next review and a special vacation trip with ASUS Zoom review.

If you have any questions, please comment below and I will answer you 🙂

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