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The Reason


It took some serious brain cracking and nightless Google session to find a character that is worthy of the Zenfone Max.

An unlimted power (energy) smartphone that is able to kill all competitors in battery life and pricing – The Zenfone Max.

I wanted to put the Energizer Bunny, but a great epiphany happen and there was Goku supersaiya releasing Kame Hame Ha in my mind and it just snyc.

The screen size of Zenfone Max is 5.5 inches with IPS display.
Nice matt finish at the back of Zenfone Max.



ASUS Zenfone Max – The Super Saiya Phone

Well when I got it, have to be frank here as it was not much of excitement as this phone was identical to my good old Laser 5.5 – ZE550KL phone except the battery life and revamp design.

I was not expecting such an improvement all-rounder with classy design with a superbly mind blowing battery life. Does that really add on value to such phone revision?

Read on…


Overall Findings



Let me tell you a story. I was charging my ASUS Zenfone Max while sleeping and woke up at 6.00 AM and took the phone from the charger at 7.00 AM.

On my busy week I normally only spend Whatsapp and Facebooking during office hours and only hardcore browsing after 7.00PM after arrive home.

After a full day use the battery still left at 75%, I was like ‘what the fish?’

So I continue the next day without charging and it still got 52% battery life.

So again I went the next day but this time was a bit hardcore on the usage and there is still my battery.

So when the battery ends? It almost ends on the 4th day. I could not believe it!

Imagine that this is the first phone I actually suffer to wait for the battery to finish its whole discharge cycle?

Removable back cover but the battery is non-removable with 5000 mAh.


Great Feature About Zenfone Max

  1. One of the best long lasting battery life on a smartphone. Almost 4 days. Speechless.
  2. A new design this time. A more premium feel to it and its actually as slim as the ZE550KL but with the extra battery juice inside. I feel it’s a slimmer phone from the ZE550KL.
  3. Snapdragon 410 is a good day to day use with excellent power optimization, pair it with large battery and you get this monster.
    1. ASUS Zen UI as usually is nice but I am still waiting for Marshmallow Android for this one.
  4. The phone can also become as a Powerbank that help me charge my BB Leap full charge and still have the juice to last until end of the day.
ASUS Zenfone Max can become a powerbank to charge other phones.
There is a slot for micro SD card up to 128 GB with dual Micro-SIM slots. Both slots support 4G LTE.
ASUS Zenfone Max support USB OTG.


What I Want From This Phone?

  1. Camera is just so-so but colours are below average especially in low lighting.
  2. Better screen resolution as Full HD is the standard.
  3. Faster processor and maybe slightly more RAM. 3GB seems to be the going on standard now.
  4. Quick charging will be a god send if paired with such a phone.



ASUS Zenfone Max equipped with 13MP camera that capable of full HD video with dual tone LED flash and IR blaster for the focusing system.

The list of Camera Mode in Zenfone Max.


Below are some sample photos taken from ASUS Zenfone Max.
















You Should Expect

  1. A long, long and long battery life. You will forget when was the last time you charge your phone.
  2. New refreshing a new design for the Zenphone series.
  3. Practical size, performance and all round smartphone.
  4. Value for money phone.

You Shouldn’t Expect

  1. Not for hardcore gamers.
  2. Not for people who love to charge their phone like me.
  3. Back camera is decent but not photography marvel.
Asphalt 8 moderate graphic running on ASUS Zenfone Max.



An all-rounder phone with it comes with decent camera, good performance and a long long lasting battery. Looks good, operate well and nicely build as well.



For Who?

Power, raw power! Unlimited Mana, I mean energy 😛

For those who lazy or always forgot to charge their phone, for those who need a phone that can easily last more than 2 days with very ‘hardcore’ use.

For those who are a normal day-to-day use but extra battery juice would be very beneficial in many sticky situation.

For those allergic to powerbank and travel charger. This is your phone! Kame Hame… HAAA!

Other competitors would be Lenovo Vibe P1 but this is extra 300 from the Asus with metal body, Full HD and fingerprint scanner.

The 5.5-inch Zenfone Max still can fit nicely into your jeans pocket.



I would go for a nice Nillkin Frosted Shield and a decent Tempered Glass.

Should keep it simple and sexy for this one.

If you have any questions, please comment below and I will answer you 🙂

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