Samsung Has Found The Reason Behind Galaxy Note 7 Explosions

Samsung says it knows from what the Galaxy Note 7 exploded, however is now not ready after share that record.

Samsung says that it has shared the results of its internal investigation with UL and the Korea Testing Laboratory. So far the company is not yet ready to share the results of its investigation with the public. The company has promised to release a report detailing the exact cause of the explosions by the end of this year.

Image credit: Instrumental

According to the report from Instrumental, the design of Note 7 is radical, which leads to a serious shortage of battery space reserved. This causes the positive and negative sides of the battery to be easily squeezed together. And it will causing the battery to fire.

We will wait for the final report from the official announcement by end-of-this-year.



Source: cnbeta, phonearena


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