MaxisONE Plan Now With 2x More Data.

Maxis says that all customers will be upgraded from 15 to 18 November 2016 and the extra quota is permanent for life. For more info, head over to the MaxisONE plan page.

This applies across the board and you get a minimum of 20GB on the base MaxisONE Plan 98.


Maxis is also doing an all-day and weekend data split for its data quota. The weekend data is for 4G only and you can use it freely without any weekly splits. You do get unlimited calls and unlimited SMS across all options.

MaxisONE  98 5GB -> 20GB (10GB all-day + 10GB weekend)
MaxisONE 128 10GB -> 30GB (15GB all-day + 15 weekend)
MaxisONE 158 15GB -> 40GB (20GB all-day + 20GB weekend)
MaxisONE 188 20GB -> 50GB (25GB all-day + 25GB weekend)

MaxisONE Plan

Now with lots of data and more ways to use it, especially when sharing with your family or devices.


MaxisONE Share (RM48/month), each line gets 5GB of all-day data plus additional 5GB of weekend data. Maxis allows all principal and supplementary lines to share their quota with their DataPool feature however this is only applicable for all-day bucket.

Any data on the weekend bucket will not be shared across other lines.

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Source: Maxis


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