Famous Works Of Art Recreated With Marvel Toys | David Cubero.

David Cubero is a Barcelona-born and based VFX and motion graphics composer for ads, movies and animation. He’s very passionate about toy photography, and you can see more of his work if you follow him on Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr and Twitter, check out his Pinterest profile and like his Facebook page.

David owns a video and visuals production company and spends his time creating beautiful solutions to his clients’ needs. When he’s not working, David spends time with his 3 children deciding what to do with their toys.

There is creative genius and effort behind every toy photograph… and most of us gain very little from it, apart from the self-satisfaction. We all just do it for fun, that’s the point.

If you enjoyed this project, make sure to check out David’s Instagram. It’s not only about Marvel’s toys – Star Wars fans will enjoy, too!






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Source: David Cubero


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