Meet Brandon, a 23-year-old Software Engineer who work in Google.

Due to the high costs of living in San Francisco Bay Area, he decided to live in a truck in the parking lot for seven months since May 2015.

We know this lifestyle is not for everyone especially if you have wife and kids – but if you live as a single person and when you can save about 90% of your income, living out of a truck starts to look like a more wise option.

Brandon used his signing bonus to buy the truck (2006 Ford) at the price of $10,000.



For the source of electricity, he uses battery-powered lights and charging units.

If he wants to get a shower or water to cook, he just eats and showers on the Google Campus.


His only expenses is the truck insurance for $121 a month.

I’m going for a target of saving about 90% of my after-tax income.” – Brandon

By living in the truck, Brandon will pay off his student loans within the next 6 months.

Besides the fact that he is saving a ton of money on the house rent, he loves the simple life that he lives.

There are no dishes to do, I don’t have a bathroom building up grime, and my entire life fits nicely into a parking lot space.

If I drive it somewhere, it’s impossible for me to forget something because literally everything I own is less than 20 feet away.


The two pieces of furniture inside the truck are a bed and a dresser.

He uses a normal dresser from Ikea, that he built a support bracket for and screwed down to the wall to keep it from moving around.



With the very limited space, he still have a ton of free space, so it’s not that hard to have 7 or 8 people hanging out at the same time.


Living in a truck definitely not for everyone.

He likely wouldn’t even do it if his employer didn’t provide the resources to fill in the gaps.

There are also a couple mental barriers to tear through that can be difficult, example the normal routine activities like closing your apartment door for the last time.

Plus, it doesn’t work in places that aren’t as temperate as the Bay Area.

Source: Business Insider,

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