Playing games can generate income?

Is it for real? Definitely!

There are many proofs you can find on the Internet on how some people manage to make money by playing games.

I believe playing games and at the same time generate income must be a dream for most of people who spend hours and hours playing their favorite games.

One thing you must remember, there are also challenges you need to face since it is not as easy as it gets  to make money by playing games.

Don’t just think about having fun.

And simply quit your jobs and planning to make living just by playing games full time.

If you’re really unfortunate, you could end up live on the street without any money.

Actually, there are four ways that is relevant and appropriate to help you to generate income by playing games.


#1. Join The Games Competition


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If you’re really expert and talented in playing games, this is a chance for you to make money .

You only have to beat some of the contestants who are also an expert like you before winning the cash prizes.

Some competition offer the grand prizes up to $100,000 USD.

If you’re get lucky, you could represent your country to compete with other opponents at the international level and you could potentially be sponsored by well-known companies to support your living cost.


#2. Become a Game Tester

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There are some large companies that offer this work in the games development department where your task is to play the prototype games and report any bugs or weaknesses that you encountered while playing these games.

The best thing in this job is you will be the first one who playing these games before it is released to the market.

The bad news is the salary for this job could be lower than you expected and you may be assigned to test the games that you’re not interested, for example the games for children.


#3. Sharing Knowledge

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If you’re an expert in gaming and know a lot of tips and tricks on certain games, you can share your knowledge and techniques with other people.

Many people out there trying to master in certain games, but could not find any tutorial that can help them.

So, you can try create an eBook or video tutorial and sell it to people who really want it.

Why would you just keep your knowledge for yourself if you can make money out of it, right?


#4. Write Useful Articles About Games

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Last but not least, you can try to become an author of gaming article for hot games in the market.

You could also try to apply as a writer in any gaming website and you will be paid for each published article.

If your article is good and gives value, you will be paid handsomely and this will encourage you to write more articles.


That was some tips on how you can earn money by playing games whether on computers, laptops or smartphones.

It also proves that, playing games is not something that could not bring any benefit, but the potential is huge if you know how to turn it into gold.

So what are you waiting for?

Go play your favorite games and make some pocket money out of it.

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