This year Apple has released iPhone 6s, in addition with the Rose Gold color and some conventional hardware upgrades, basically nothing particularly attractive place, the price is expensive, only worth mentioning is probably the 3D Touch.

The latest revelations, said Xiaomi Mi5 will be equipped with 3D Touch features similar like in iPhone 6s.


Such as Mi 5 really equipped with 3D Touch, it will become China’s first Android phone to use this technology, but also it is believe that the rising sales, 80 million shipments this target is not a problem.

Mi 5 3D Touch feature is from Synaptics to provide Clear Force technology.

Clear Force technology is more powerful than Apple’s 3D Touch, you can sense the pressure level, and can provide a more interactive way.

For example, applying different velocities through the fingers to adjust the scrolling speed and scale, a different text editor or photo editing.


Xiaomi is currently in negotiations with South Korean companies, as is the ability to drive the price down, to ensure that the new performance is selling at a lower price.

It is expected that we will see Xiaomi to launch Mi 5 with the 3D Touch function early next year.

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