STEER: Wearable Device That Will Not Let You Fall Asleep.

On 20th July, Creative Mode will launch a wearable device – Steer, which is engineered to, at any sign of drowsiness, warn you with vibration and gentle electric impulse so you do not fall asleep behind the wheel.

Every day hundred of millions of people travel for long and short distances, but very little of them think how dangerous it is to drive while being tired. Statistics show that every year, 328,000 car accidents are caused by driver’s fatigue (this is almost 25% of all car accidents) leading to on average 30,000 deaths each year, 10,000 deaths in USA alone.


“These numbers are shocking.” – says Vlad Ilyin, creator of Steer. “With Steer you will become much safer on the road and we really want you To be safe.”

Steer uses 16 highly accurate sensors which measure driver’s heart rate and his skin conductance (galvanic reaction of the skin). These sensors are used in a polygraph (lie detector) by the police, but society had very little access to them in dealing with global problems like drowsiness behind the wheel.

Main features:

  • Guaranteed protection from sleep.
  • Active consciousness without micro sleep occurrence.
  • Easy in use.


Steer will be available on Kickstarter at discounted price, starting from 89€ (99$).






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Source: Kickstarter


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