Jan Koum, co-creator of WhatsApp, announced during an event in Munich that the company will no longer charge annual dollar subscription to the service, as in the past sparked a controversy when it was launched in March 2013.

The company is part of Facebook from February 2014, and its growth has continued to be amazing.

Now has more than 900 million active users, and although the purchase seemed to point to the introduction of advertising on the platform, that had not occurred .


His model says Koum, now another.

According Koum the idea now is to try to connect businesses to people, but says the goal is “to avoid spam and unwanted advertising.”

That could point to the arrival of advertising to the platform, the strategy is similar to Facebook Messenger, the other major messaging platform Facebook.

Koum support that have not yet started to develop these tools, but the approach seems destined to make WhatsApp serve as a final alternative to SMS with which we get a lot of messages from companies with whom we keep in touch.

Source: Whatsapp

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