Stade de France, the stadium where France’s national soccer team was playing Germany, was attacked by multiple suicide bombers.

While the toll sits at 127 confirmed deaths, one survivor has told how his smartphone saved his life.


The man, known as Sylvestre, was at France’s national Stadium during the horrifying assaults, thought to have been conducted by Isis.

Sylvestre nearly became a victim of Friday’s terrible atrocities, claims his mobile phone saved his life.

Sylvestre showed his Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge that took the hit.

Speaking to iTele, he described how his Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge protected his head against shrapnel from a nearby explosion.

I was crossing the street and straight away, boom, it exploded right in front of me. Everything was blown to bits and I felt stuff flying around and I left, I fell, and then I got back up.

Sylvestre showed off the destroyed handset to cameras, revealing a smashed screen and a huge dent on the rear.

“This is the cell phone that took the hit,” he said.

“It’s what saved me.”


The man believes his head would have ‘exploded’ had his mobile not took the impact of shrapnel hurtling towards his head.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of a gadget providing vital help in a time of crisis.

Source:, Photo: TrustedReviews

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