Moto Z2 Play From Concept To Production.

Moto Z2 Play is the most affordable phone compatible with the Moto MODs platform on the market in 2017.

It’s a phone with great specs for an incredible value, and the design is an enabler to most of the low cost architecture and the high perceived quality of the device.

Helder Filipov, designer from Brazil. He is design lead for this program at Motorola, working alongside with the engineering, marketing, product, supply chain and all cross-functional teams to deliver the phone to the market according to targets and expectations.

Moto’s core design values are perceived in its purest expression in the Moto Z2 Play. All forms, proportions, finishing and experiences were crafted to create a connection between the brand’s expertise and consumer’s behaviors.

From first sketch to shipping the final phone to consumers took around 12 months. The team focused the efforts on designing a device that is built from just a single piece of aluminum, and delivering it at a cheaper price point than the previous generation.

Unibody construction allows thickness to be only 5.99mm.
Carefully perfected and refined design details deliver meaningful experiences at a price people can afford.








According to designer Helder Filipov, Moto Z2 Play was one of the coolest projects he have done in his career so far!


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Source: Behance/ Helder Filipov


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